bad habits

Bad habits are hard to break. When the whole community is joining in, I think it’s probably a done deal. Nevertheless, I am going to have a whinge and draw several bad habits to your attention. Anywhere you see the word nerd tag you can be sure you are about to hear a complaint.

Myriad. Somehow the words many or lots of doesn’t seem to cut it and everywhere we are assailed by myriad choices. Fair enough I suppose although I am not sure everyone using the word is completely sure of what it means.(Ten thousand or an indefinitely great number- source Oxford Dictionary) , or how to use it correctly. When I hear someone say there are myriad species in the locality , as I did recently on a birdwatching tour, my heart goes out to that person and I hold them in very dear esteem.

Why? They didn’t say ‘of’ and there probably would have been an indefinitely great number given the place, which was the Werribee Sewerage Treatment farm. I highly recommend it to birdwatchers. He used the word aptly and in a grammatically correct fashion and my day was brightened. It doesn’t take much.

There is no call to say of, after the word myriad. Mainly because it is incorrect grammar. Myriad is an adjective. It’s like saying a green of cat instead of a green cat. Not sure when you would say that but I like to keep you awake.

So now you know what are you going to do? You can: a) stop using the word and use a more specific one; b) drop the of if you have ever done that or c) cringe every time you hear it now.

You’re welcome!

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add glittering words to your treasure chest

add glittering words to your treasure chest