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October 2019 mindful writing

Two sessions on using writing to help you think more slowly, deeply and richly

Fairfield, Melbourne.

Tuesday October 29 and November 12
7pm to 8.30pm


writing for impact

One day workshop  at your workplace
Includes Readability Report and phone coaching for individuals within 30 days of course date
Learn the techniques professional authors use to make your writing clear and compelling.
You will: 
* gain confidence and find your voice
* use the latest findings from neuroscience to write sentences that stick
* build a rich profile of your reader, so you have a target for your language and
* pare your prose down to what matters. 


10 terrific tactics for winning writing

One day or three half days at your workplace with free Readability Report and phone coaching for individuals within 30 days of course date included

The foundation course in applied writing tactics that work. Be strategic, save time, get your writing read and your message acted on.
Learn how to : 
* structure your writing for maximum persuasive power
* edit your work so you let go of what’s not important
* craft sentences that are clear, complete and concise
* find your professional writing voice and
* harness the power of the team. 




10 terrific tactics for writing excellent emails

Workshop at your workplace.
Includes 5 point checklist and 3 tactics based templates

Ever get caught in a back and forth email dance that eats up your day? Get back time by learning how to be direct, clear and concise in your emails without being rude or abrupt. 

In this workshop you will find out how to: 
* write an effective email
* save time by using emails purposefully
* achieve the appropriate tone and
* build a strong and positive workplace through your email use. 

These are a few of the most popular writing courses I have designed and facilitated. Other training can be tailored to your needs and organisational requirements. Contact me for details.