I met Linnet when she just started her coaching practice and have since gone back several times for a variety of reasons. Within just one or two sessions, Linnet is able to open up new doors in my thinking, to point out issues that need attention and to offer helpful coping mechanisms that provide support in that onward journey. She has an immense skill for active listening, observing not only words but expression and poise and converting all of that into empathic questions and ideas that really rattle your core - in a good way. I can highly recommend her!
— Miriam Spano Research Assistant
As a professional coach, Linnet helped me through a challenging year on two fronts: going through major change at work following years of demanding circumstances; and in working through possibilities for professional direction and change.

Linnet generously imparts strategies and frameworks for thinking differently and even writes up each session for you. This has been very useful to help reflect on the subtle yet deep changes that you can make to your way of being through the coaching process.

Noticing and understanding our internal conversations, observing and shifting our language and physical responses and actions, and unravelling the myriad assessments we make about ourselves is a coaching journey that Linnet takes you on with warmth, compassion and full support.
— Sandra Falconer Leader in Environmental Health

 Who I help

I help those who find themselves in a fog of indecision achieve clarity, so they can take action.

I help people who have thought themselves into a corner and are stuck, work free and soar.

I help entrepreneurs and creators turn their calling into a career.  

Photography by Sandra Falconer
Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.
— Japanese proverb