I was impressed with Linnet’s intuitive responses, her kind and caring manner, her accuracy and way of paraphrasing my words...
It was an enormously insightful session for me and I am grateful to have had this conversation.
— Helen Heaney Educator & Artist

Happy clients


one to one coaching

Linnet generously imparts strategies and frameworks for thinking differently and even writes up each session for you. This has been very useful to help reflect on the subtle yet deep changes that you can make to your way of being through the coaching process.

Noticing and understanding our internal conversations, observing and shifting our language and physical responses and actions, and unravelling the myriad assessments we make about ourselves is a coaching journey that Linnet takes you on with warmth, compassion and full support.

— — Sandra Falconer

Leader in Environmental Health

I met Linnet when she just started her coaching practice and have since gone back several times for a variety of reasons. Within just one or two sessions, Linnet is able to open up new doors in my thinking, to point out issues that need attention and to offer helpful coping mechanisms that provide support in that onward journey. She has an immense skill for active listening, observing not only words but expression and poise and converting all of that into empathic questions and ideas that really rattle your core - in a good way. I can highly recommend her!

— Miriam spano

research Assistant

Over the past seven years I have done various mentoring and coaching sessions with Linnet, and I have always found them to be of great value, both personally and professionally. Having said that, I must also say that the most recent coaching session I had with Linnet was remarkably different in style and direction – sophisticated, enriching, powerful.

— Emma Hardley

What made a difference in this conversation was the time Linnet gave me to think and reflect. As a result I came up with some really powerful insights for myself. I would never have done that in my own time without her guidance.

I honestly believe Linnet is a naturally gifted coach. Innately, Linnet has a beautiful way of expressing herself as a coach that makes people feel calm, relaxed and safe. Add to that the framework and knowledge she has developed through her studies and the insights she can provide, it’s critical she shares her talent widely to benefit as many people as possible.

— stuart constable

leadership coach


Professional business writing courses

This program is one of the most important training programs I have attended in 3.5 years of my work at Wyndham City.

— Nitin Gupta, Engineering Development Coordinator

I am more confident that I can write well with these tools and help others with their writing. Great program and great tools. I wish all of council could do the program.

If more residents understand my written correspondence this will cut back on time clarifying and follow up phone calls.

This course was surprising. Not what I expected. The tactics and tools make it easy to take this back to my desk.


The training has given me a great insight into how to re-think the way I write things to be more effective. I can lead by example and model appropriate communication to my team and be more confident when writing.

— Kylie Hayes, Neighbourhood Hubs Team Leader