mindful writing

mindful writing


Two sessions on using writing to help you think more slowly, deeply and richly

October 29 7pm-8.30pm 


November 12  7pm-8.30pm 

at Fairfield Consulting Rooms 104 Arthur St Fairfield 

Join Linnet & Sandra in a quiet, private space where we will: 

  • make time to write

  • use writing to help you notice, ground and focus on what’s going on and

  • put pen to paper in a mood of curiosity.

Each session offers a range of ways that writing can anchor our awareness in the here and now, for you to choose from. And while you are anchored you might just float ! Such is the power of the written word. 

We will be sharing

  • writing rituals

  • getting in the mood to write

  • ways writing, and in particular poetry, can support meditation

  • mindful writing techniques for self-compassion and

  • ways to tune into the words of your inner wisdom.

These two short powerful sessions also include:

  • facilitation and coaching from two high trained coaches and writers

  • materials, examples, take away reminder cards and a poem by Linnet.

  • tea, coffee, water and a sweet snack

  • follow-up email with suggestions and prompts for between session practise (if you feel like it).

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About the facilitators

Linnet Hunter  

Bachelor of Education  Graduate Diploma of Ontological Coaching 

Graduate Diploma of Librarianship  Member of Australian Society of Authors  and Writers Victoria 

Graduate Diploma of Children’s Literature 

Linnet’ s experiences as a storyteller, reviewer, poet, technical writer and trainer and as well as a coach who focuses on the power of words to create, are the basis for her innovative approach to writing from the whole person. She has a deeply embodied understanding of the power of narrative and personal journals as ways to release pent up emotions and clarify and cleanse the spirit. 

Sandra Falconer

 Bachelor of Science                                         Certificate in Engagement (IAP2)

Master of Public Health

Graduate Diploma of Ontological Coaching

Sandra has extensive experience in the Victorian Public Service and in the community sector writing for many contexts – technical, political, and for the community. She has led teams of people through thick and thin and understands the personal growth and insights that writing can bring to leadership.