Track your flightpath

Track your flightpath


$50 per month

For just  $12.50 per week, (less than the price of a gym membership), I will be there for you as your accountability partner, travelling alongside to encourage and keep you on track. 

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Your goals are set and you are ready to go. Now… be accountable  

          Working in partnership makes a massive difference.

Have you ever noticed that when you tell someone you will do something, rather than keeping it in your head, you are more likely to carry it out? 

That’s how this works. 

You tell me what you are going to do and by when, and I will hold you to it - without judgement. 

As your accountability coach I offer impartial, unreserved support for your dreams, plans and visions, no matter how minute or magnificent. 

And together we will celebrate the culmination of your efforts. 

How it works 

  • AC-DC conversation each week ( short- approx 10 mins. 
  • You tell me what you have accomplished and what you plan to do in the following week. 
  • Includes follow-up texts

What do people who have used it say? 

Linnet’s ability to think outside the square, and don the cap of my trade, has meant she could offer seemingly endless practical advice that made an immediate difference to my work practices … but I think the most irreplaceable benefit has been the feeling that I had a supportive team player who I was accountable to and could rely on. That’s been priceless! 

Nicky Watts  Musician