Three new things (for me) about goal setting

This time my letter is spoken. It's a short video- a webinar style presentation - my first. And it's not great production wise in my opinion. If you want to know why I think that, read on below the video to find out what I learned from making it. Onward and upward- next time will be better!

But content wise it's fab! (Also my opinion.) Don't take it from me, watch it and decide. Here's a summary of what's included. 

1. Making three levels of goals so as not to make a stick to beat yourself with 

2. A demonstration of the old rocks, stones sand analogy with real rocks stones and gravel

3. Being in the mood to carry out action

What I learned from recording a short webinar

Some of these are so obvious when I write them down that it's embarrassing. However, to help you out in case you would like to make one and avoid these pitfalls, and for my future reference, I am recording them here. While blushing.  

Don't have your script to the side

Right, so now I know why newsreaders and everybody except me have their running order BEHIND the camera, not to one side. It means that I am looking up and to the side all the time to remind myself where I am up to. I look decidedly shifty. 

Don't wear bangles 

Wondering what that clunky noise is? Me- being demonstrative and talking with my hands and therefore banging my bangles on the table right next to the microphone. Duh! 

Don't do Q&A on your first gig

Excellent though this was for the participants it made for an awkward back and forth on the recording. I had to edit it out as every time someone spoke the software went to their camera.  Some of them had a grey and white outline- some had a black screen and no one had given me permission to record them.  Several hints here. You can see them. I can see them. Now. With that extra clear hindsight we all have. 

One good thing

Using Zoom was excellent. I have a free account and can have up to 100 people at a meeting of this sort which is plenty at the moment, and it allows me to record it at a pretty good quality. It works well with low bandwidth internet (in semi-rural Australia always a consideration). I am using it for my coaching and thinking about moving to a paid account soon. 

Happy planning for your next webinar and  goal-setting and ask me any questions on either in the comments. 

Say yes

turn big goals into stepping stones