Diligence and intuition

I'm not sure what that word conjures up for you, but to me, it feels like a grey word, papery and dry. I see ledgers and dusty tomes full of numbers and Dickensian figures hunched over cramped desks.

dusty books & watch.jpg

Apparently, not only do I have an imagination, I am a drama queen with it. 

All these interpretations of mine make it strange that I would choose Diligence to be my thematic word for the year. 

There is a very sound reason. Or rather, there is an irrational purpose behind this choice.

I didn't choose it. It chose me. 

First up, a thematic word for the year is one that overarches your efforts, like the sky above. Rather than resolutions, I have found having such a word and reminding myself of how to apply it to projects, task and conversations can be very helpful. You may have seen Beth's Vision Board with her word TRUST artistically emblazoned across the centre. (Why couldn't I have a great word like that?)

vision board 2018 - 1 (1).jpg

So, this year, before starting my own Vision Board and attendant goal-setting I turned within and asked my voice of inner wisdom to offer me a... and before I had even finished thinking that far the word Diligence hit my brain screen, gently but forcibly. 

The part of me that sees the picture described earlier, just as gently and forcibly said, No, wait not that one! But it was too late. 

I had begun to consider what this meant. And since I trust my intuition to put me on the right path, I gave it some thought. I had to reluctantly concede that yes, what I needed in my life was indeed diligence. 
The dictionary's more down to earth definition of this word is; persistent effort or work; being of industrious character. 

And this is where I often fall.  Lack of persistence means I don't follow-up. I start things without finishing them, and although I assess myself as a hard worker and others often comment on that, there are areas such as my finances (confession time!) that are sadly neglected. Cause they're not fun. 

When I start to observe aspects of my life and work, I see definite uses for this action. I need more persistence of effort. Especially around money and paperwork. 

And I know my intuition rarely steers me wrong.

In the past, I have tried to ignore my inner voice, overlook it or override it. And that has not served me well.  
This year, I am up for Diligence. 

I wonder what will happen? 

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