Making a vision board Part 2

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You have all your ideas and your for more cut and paste fun with the second part of making a vision board. The paste bit. (If you have come to this post direct- you might want to read the blog from Dec 15 which is Part 1- steps 1-3). 

This is the part where you put the images and words you have collected together to create a board you can hang in your workspace. It will be a beautiful visual reminder of your goals, your purpose and what you are aiming towards. 

This is Beth's board near completion... read on to see how she got here... 

This is Beth's board near completion... read on to see how she got here... 


Step 4 Choose

Looking back at the list of things you want to have, be and do in the coming year, focus on the ones you really want to happen. You may have a mixture of big and little items such as a trip overseas or a new device. 

There might be fitness goals about eating well or exercising differently. You could have keywords, reminders to do with being grounded, calmer or joyful. These are all examples of what I have come up with - not suggestions necessarily. 

Review them and choose the ones that are most important to you. 


Step 5 Structure

Note: If you already have a preferred way to set up your collage, you can skip this step. But I find it helpful as it shows me where there may be gaps. 

Take an A3 sheet of paper or a cork board or whatever you are planning to mount your images on. Divide it into nine sections, as shown here.

vb layout.jpeg

These are nine of the thirteen permanent domains of human existence according to Fernando Flores, roughly arranged according to the Feng Shui bagua. This is a different use of the bagua but I think it makes for a nice balance and harmony. I love it that the body is in the centre, reminding me that health is the core of everything.

There are colours and elements associated with each of these Feng Shui corners that you can learn more about here.  Organising your office space by using the bagua could become one of your goals! 


Now write your words and ideas from your have, be and do list into each of the squares. These will be covered over by the images so no need to be neat or arty. You can also change it later. 


If you find there are gaps or not many words in one box you might think of something else for that area of your life. In my case, I notice there is a gap in Education and I wonder, what might I want to learn? This domain refers to all kinds of learning, from reading a book to doing a quick online course or having a friend show you how to crochet, not only institutional training. 

Step 6 Arrange

If you now find you need more images, this is the moment to seek them out, guided by the new ideas you have added. 

Sort and arrange the cut-out images and words onto your sheet. You might have more than you need so can discard some, or save them for a later board. You might get very artistic at this point and cut around the edges of shapes.

This is Beth's board at a very early stage

This is Beth's board at a very early stage

Step 7 Add more! 

You might want to add arrows, lines, stickers, your own words or other additions to connect and enhance what you have created. These can be symbols that have meaning for you but are not clear to others. For example I have a fountain in my money and prudence corner. Pretty obvious is some ways - abundance right?- but it has a private meaning that I don't need to share but that reminds me instantly of a time when... 

Here is  Beth's board at the next stage.  Notice how she has chosen to place her Word for the Year in the centre. 

Here is  Beth's board at the next stage.  Notice how she has chosen to place her Word for the Year in the centre. 

Step 8 Display

Put it where you will see it. Making a vision board is a great start but it can’t work its magic effectively if it is behind a door. Mine is in my office, but it can be anywhere you will see it daily. If you are working in a partnership you might want to share it or parts of it with your colleague. Help them see what you see! 


Step 9 Review

Check back. Reviewing your goals and visions is part of the process- nothing is fixed- desires flow and ebb. If you meditate, focusing on each of the images, in turn, can be a way of tuning into what you are wanting more of in your life. 


Step 10 Explore


This is just one way to make a board. If you prefer to have it on your desktop you could make an electronic version or use Pinterest… there are so many possibilities!



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