Making a vision board Part 1

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It's around now that  I start to think about what I am looking for in the year to come. And the neatest and most enjoyable way I know of doing that is to put together some pretty pics with some cool words and stick it on the wall. No! Not a meme..that takes wit... a vision board. 

If you are a visual learner or someone who is drawn to an image rather than a list - this is for you. 

Also it’s fun getting back to those days of cut and paste. If you are my age the scent of clag will immediately take you back to kinder and the childhood pastime of sticking pictures into scrapbooks or onto Mothers’ Day cards. 

Plus the tactile experience of flicking through old magazines and choosing illustrations can be most relaxing as not much thinking is involved. Go with feelings and release the inner child. The one who likes to cut things up. 

What it is

A vision board is a collection of images and words that you arrange and display to remind you and your unconscious brain of what you are aiming for, looking for and planning to generate in your life. It's a kind of declaration to yourself.

Why -  cause it works

 It has worked for me and for many others. It’s similar to writing down your goals or setting your intention in writing. You may forget all about it but when you rediscover it or look at it again, it is surprising and more than a little extraordinary how many of those things have come to pass- although very often in a pleasantly unforeseen way. 

So here's how - Part 1. 

What you need

  • notepaper 
  • pen
  • magazines (op shops are a good source)  
  • old catalogues
  • other images & words from old books, printed from webpages, postcards or birthday cards
  • scissors

Step 1 List

Take a pen and paper and write down what you would like in your life in the coming year. This can include not only what you want to do and have but also how you would like to be. I had patience on my board for more years than I will admit to. 

Write down anything and everything- no editing, no censoring. Keep to one or two words or short phrases and jot down as many as you can think of no matter how large, small, crazy, insignificant or bold.  

Step 2 Select

Look through the magazines, cards and other materials you have gathered. Select and cut out any images, words, colours or shapes that link to ideas you generated in Step 1. They don’t have to be objects or people but can be abstract, colours, symbols, or natural objects that mean something to you. Only you have to understand them. Keep all your cuttings together. I will be explaining what to do with them in Part Two of this activity. 

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Step 3 Observe

Notice what reactions and responses you have to this activity. You may want to note these down . There could be thoughts such as Wow! or I couldn’t do that. 

There might be feelings, like uneasiness or enthusiasm

You might experience sensations such as relaxing and opening of the hands or your jaw tightening

Bu the way these are all things I experience when I start picturing my future. I am not supposing you will have these, they are here as examples only. Everything you do notice, though, is a vital clue to your approach and way of experiencing this activity. I find it fascinating to catch myself in the act of holding back or jumping in. 

Part 2 coming in the next blog. 

Making a vision board Part 2

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