Coaching Statement


What is ontological coaching?

Ontology is a philosophical term that in essence means Way of Being. The 18 month Graduate Diploma of Ontological Coaching run by Newfield Institute uses this evolutionary approach to human discourse and learning to develop coaches who have first hand, intimate experience of the power and gentle rigour of its theory and practice in each day of our lives.

All my writing and coaching now comes from not just the head, but also the heart, the body and the spirit that are me. Therefore all my coaching, writing and writing courses are based on an understanding of learning in all domains of our Way of Being - word, feeling and body - and the sacred nature of our existence.


ecology of expression

Ecology of Expression is based on the word, feeling and body model of the Ontological Coaching approach. It helps remind us that every time we express ourselves, we are holding a certain posture, experiencing physical sensations, feeling moods and emotions, thinking and saying words to others and to ourselves. Our whole self is involved.

my Commitment

My commitment is to you and your answers to your questions. I believe these answers are within you, no matter how hidden.

Everything I do is respectful, confidential and loving, done from a mood of deep gratitude.

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