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1:1 coaching



Adds delicacy, nuance and flair to your writing. Cuts to the chase. Emboldens and empowers you to speak and write with authority and verve. Brings poetry to lighten business grey prose. Navigates the path to words as actions.


Absolutely not! This question usually comes from those who did not enjoy English at school. So be assured, you will find this a lot more fun. Also, unlike class, you are in charge of the content and the direction of the session.


Focus on the reader, not on yourself.
Tactic #1 of the 10 terrific tactics by Linnet


The answer is totally up to you and your situation. One may be enough to confirm you are on the right path, or it may open up new possibilities and create choices that need talking through.
More structured offers such as business writing require two to three sessions. so you can practise the techniques and observe the difference.


clarity consult

Free - 20 minute phone conversation
Clarify where you are starting from , what you need and how I can help, at a time that suits you.

coffee break consult

$45 - 20 minutes
Got a quick question and haven’t got time for a full coaching session? Have one in your work break!
A pop-up on-demand mini-coaching call will help you 
* think out loud with an impartial, involved listener
* cut through current head chatter and
* come up with an action plan on the spot that will make a difference.

cv collaboration

$145 - 45 minute session
Work with a professional writer to present your offer in the best light. Make it shiny!

Includes pre-session phone Q&A plus follow-up editing and research.

career driver

$350 = 2 sessions of 60 minutes + resources
Drive your career where you want it to go.
* 2 X 60-minute coaching sessions where we:
* dissect your CV
* draw up a proactive job search strategy and
* research your employability skills.

conversation for clarity

$200 - 60 minute session
 A one to one coaching session with me will help you think out loud with an impartial, involved listener. Cut through current head chatter and be clear about what’s going on so you can decide how best to move forward.
A conversation includes:
* a one hour face to face coaching session
* a poetic and practical written summary of the conversation with action steps and
* a follow-up phone call.

professional writing focus - for business

$300 - 75 minute session - minimum of two sessions recommended
The focus is on finding your individual voice while maintaining a professional and effective manner and the appropriate tone in writing and speaking. Includes a Readability Report (valued at $75), written summary and action steps plus a follow-up phone call for support and accountability.
Writing clearly is the keystone of clear communication in the workplace. Working one on one with a Writing Coach is a fast way to get to pinpoint your strengths and build on them.
Session one - sample content
identify your communication style
* what’s working and what isn’t
* hands-on work on a current document
* techniques, tactics and strategies for improvement