creative communications with Linnet

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a coach listens like no-one else…

There are threads of silk both strong and lustrous to be found when we talk. I have questions both vexing and illuminating.
You have the answers within.

Like other coaches, I work with you on long-term planning, goal setting and action steps to create a small business plan that designs your future. I do more than that though. Working to and with you as a whole person - your words, your feelings and your physical self - offers a powerful way to cut through negative beliefs and unhelpful head chatter that may be holding you back.

Passion for what you do will carry you part of the way. If you get to the point where you feel blocked or uncertain or are looking for a different path with deeper meaning, a coach can be your best investment. Ontological coaching will help you

* be purposeful and confident

* feel ambitious and motivated and

* keep your promises to yourself and others.

Eight years of experience as a coach, plus 18 months of rigorous and enlightening learning during the study for my Graduate Diploma of Ontological Coaching, have enriched my practice. I have become an even more involved, impartial, caring listener who can hear what’s going on beneath the story you carry.

Contact me now to find out how.